AEX Group :: Ingeniería - Investigación


  • Nearly 10 years contributing to the development of the aquaculture industry.
  • Our customers make up over 60% of the companies in the aquaculture sector.
  • Over 280 fish and mussel farming facilities from different producers.
  • Over 350 technical reports in different specialties.
  • Jobs nationwide from the IV to XII region.
  • Technical support for projects abroad.
  • Participation in aquaculture expositions nationally and internationally (Aquasur (Chile), Expomytilus (Chile), Expoacuícola (Peru)).
  • Attendance at offshore aquaculture conferences (Offshore Mariculture (Spain, Croatia, Mexico, Turkey)).
  • Continuing technical training for permanent staff in the services we provide. Permanent staff of professionals with various specialties.
  • Investment in high-tech measuring equipment.

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