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Underwater inspection

AEX Group performs underwater inspections focused on delivering greater CONTROL to our clients in all under water elements that are difficult to asses, providing information used to support decision-making.

Our company has the professionals and equipment necessary to perform underwater inspection work, including: Docks, Submerged Outlets, Boats, Platforms, and Farming Structures such as longlines,nets, cages, etc.

Our divers are professionals who have extensive experience in the field.We have photography equipment and a ROV which allows us do all kinds of jobs, studies and submarine inspections. The images are processed and edited in user friendly formats which can be adapted to the requirements of each customer.

In aquaculture it is essential to know in detail the different structures and systems that make up a farming center, especially those that are not seen from the surface such as mooring lines, nets and protection, auxiliary lines made up of ropes, cables, chains, buoys and all kinds of fittings.

Inspection of farming structures and naval installations

Due to the environment in which they are placed and the environmental loads they are subjected to, it is necessary to regularly check the integrity of the structures and installations to ensure normal operation.

The visual inspection must be accompanied by accurate measurements made with instruments which bring to light any damage and alert the need for maintenance and repair.

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