ABOUT AEX GROUP AEX group is an engineering consulting company that provides solutions to the aquaculture industry in the area of technical studies. These studies are crucial to making strategic decisions about site selection for the farming of fish, mussel and seaweed. Since 2004 we have supported the development of the aquaculture industry mainly in Chile, as well as projects in Argentina, Brazil and Spain. We also support entities that control and regulate aquaculture activity, participating in the creation of specific regulations to design, calculation and operation of the farming centers. Aex group has carried out site selection studies and designed mooring systems for more than 500 concessions for the cultivation of varios species. We have all the staff and equipment necessary to carry out different environmental studies, such as; Bathymetry and the measurement of currents, waves, tides and winds. For the analysis and dimensioning of the mooring systems, we adhere to specific technical regulations such as NS 9415 and utilize the latest modeling methods and tools such as Aquasim.

Finally, to ensure that there is coherence between what is projected and what are the actual conditions, we carry out various types of audits, from document analysis to underwater inspections with ROVs to observe the condition of floating cages, nets and mooring systems.
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